Unfortunate Cases

RIP, We will remember you


Mr. Yung M325 found dead, being hung on a tree in a park by Lam Tin, near his home. Police declared "Not Suspicious, No investigation Required!!!" He was a volunteer driver, often drive youngsters for free and drive them away from danger after protesting, never charge young protesters any money. Dec 2019


Suspect M037 Jack, found dead from fallen from height naked in Mongkok. Police declare "Not Suspicious, No Investigation Required!!!" Nov 2019. This case was shocking because the body was naked, found in the middle of the city in Mongkok, civilian who discovered the body mentioned his arms and legs were injured. His eyes were wide opened, don't know if the injury was caused from falling or previously tortured. 


M276 Mr. Mok Si Chun family reported found dead after he went to Macau, did not want to disclose any details. Dec 2019. He was reported missing after he went to Macau. He was then found suicided after he came back from Macau.


Mr. Hui found dead drowning in Tseng Kwan O, Police said "Not Suspicious, No Investigation Required." Dec 2019, He posted a strange post on his facebook account a few hours before people found him drowning at TKO. He said he wants to kill himself on Facebook. 


Ms. Chan Yin Lam went missing Sep 2019, her body was found naked in the water by Yau Tong Harbor end of Sep 2019; she is 15 yrs old and a member of swim team in her school. Her mother was later found dead, fallen from height in Nov 2019; her mother's body appeared to be very abnormally pale, seems like she was dead for quite some time. Also police and news reported the body found was a man suicides in his 60's, however, when volunteer take off the cover and snap a photo, found those info was mis-leading, it was a female body in her late 40's, later we (civilians) identified her as Ms. Chan Yin Lam's mother. Newspaper Ref Click 

photo_2019-12-19_07-16-40 (2).jpg

Once missing, Mr Lee Yan Bok found dead drowning, with dumbbell tied to his foot, Police declared "Not Suspicious, No Investigation Required." They said Mr Lee could have tied the dumbbell on his own feet before jumping into the water. Dec 2019 


Statistics from The HK Gov Security Dept Chief Mr. Lee Ka Chao. from June 2019 to Sep 2019. Dead Corpse Found: 2537 Suicide Cases: 256 It would cover 3 soccer field if we would buried all deceased people. People who are missing did not count toward this Statistic. 

Day in and day out, all we hear is "Not Suspicious, No Investigation Required!!!" Really??? 15 yrs old female found dead naked in the sea categorized to "Not Suspicious"? While she is a swim team member of her school? 

This man was found dead by a pier in Tsuen Wan, his head was enclosed with a plastic bag, connected to a tube where it connected to a propane gas tank, as usual, HK Police declares this case "Not Suspicious, No Investigation!!!" Really??? When would there be a case that is suspicious if this is not suspicious enough??? There are only two reasons, 1: these are all inside jobs, police killed and did not want to investigate further; 2: Mainland Chinese Special Agent killed and tell the police to "not investigate"; take your pick!!! Because if there are mobs or other criminal killing each others, at least there would be some sort of investigation, all we hear is "Not Suspicious, No Investigation". It just go way beyond our logical thinking.

this case happened Nov 2019. 

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