Missing Female Protesters

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

M384 Fan See Wan missing since 23 Feb 2020, 29 yrs old she lives in Tai Po

M382 Chong Kei Lam 15 yrs old missing since 14 Feb 2020, skinny built about 160cm in height, long black hair, with pointy chin. She lives in Sham Shui Po.

M366 Yu Wai Ling missing since 26 Jan 2020 @Ngau Chi Wan Kowloon

M410 Rachel Yan, Yan Sin Yee, missing since 30 April 2020, she said she was going to mini warehouse then never return, she is my sister, I reported to the police but the police ignore this case. Any news please contact @FindingHker_bot

M424 Sun Ka Ying missing since 29 June 2020, Tin Sum Area in Tai Wai. Her height is about 1.55meter, weight about 45kg slim built, long black hair. She was last seen wearing light blue school uniform, white socks and black shoes.

M427 A pair of sister and brother went missing sinceJune 2020, their store's name is Angel's Paradise, store was closed and lost contact ever since.

M125 Mok Yuen Shan missing since 12 Oct 2019

#M373 #劉家汶 Lau Ka Man - 發佈人指事主唔鐘意影相,所以無相

No photo supplied, noted that she does not like to take picture. She is a drummer in a band. - 發佈後有“事主家人”向發佈者及FB 尋人組施壓刪Post。 ”事主家人”報稱3月中事主便會現身。

After we posted her missing, "family member" contacted and urge us to delete her post, "family member" mentioned later in March, would upload fact check info. - 3月中發佈人指事主向其報稱安全後已斷聯絡,無法提供FC。We contact "family member" they said she is safe, unable to provide fact check info. - FB尋人組已重開Post, 但“事主家人”未有再聯絡。We have repost her missing info, and "family member" never contact again. Admin 按:過程離奇,責任所在只能重開Post, 報料請至 @FindingHker_bot From Group Admin, the process was suspicious, we could only repost her missing info.

M123 Ihavebeenlosingmyway missing since 11 Oct 2019

L113 Chung Sau Lee missing since 11 Nov 2019

姓名: #鍾耀萱 (而家改左名叫 #鍾秀莉) 21歲 身高162 中學: 保良局李城壁中學 大學: ou 中文, 屋企人話佢好耐無返屋企 近呢兩三個月比較大機會出現係旺角 最後一次覆msg 11/11

M701 Leung Pui Shan missing since 12 Nov 2019

M040 Female X 2 missing since 6 Oct 2019 being snatched in Wong Tai Sin

M086 Auntie who was looking for her friend outside Prince Edward Station 6 Sep 2019, check "You, be the judge" page for her story

M167 Kwan Sum Yee missing since 7 Nov 2019 Wah Fu Est

M082 Sky

M704 Ho Ka Yan

M705 Yeung Sze Yin 20 yrs old, missing since 13 Nov 2019, in Tin Shui Wai

M093 Choi Yee Kei, missing since 5 Oct 2019 in Mongkok, 41 yrs old about 154-156 cm in height, has some freckle on her face, there is a tattoo of a cross on the back of her neck, she dyed her hair to a purplish grey before missing.

M196b Lee Wing See 14-15 yrs old, missing since 11 Nov 2019


M329 Ms Yuki, missing since 10 Dec 2019, she lives in TKO, she had written a note that she won't kill herself.

M273 Mak Ching Wai missing since 14 Nov 2019, student of Qualied College

M126 Lee Pik Chi missing since 30 Sep 2019


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