You, be the Judge! 

As many foreign readers think HK protesters are crying babies, we have “freedom” as much as we could; does not realize our rights and freedom has diminished, when we do risk ourselves to come out to protest about it, we got disappeared, missing for no reasons, got suicided.

This happened on 13 Jan 2020, a man was pushed out of a bldg. the process was filmed by another resident across, his body was found without his backpack when he fell, later the backpack appeared next to him. The window was very small about 3 feet by 2.5 feet, only the top window can be opened, bottom window was fixed and it was not broken.

Click on the link and you shall see this video did not get tempered with the speed, Victim's head was in a down position and his legs were in the up position before dropping down 20 flight. RIP

Forgot to mention, this building is not just a regular residential building, it is housing apartment for Hong Kong Police Force. It has CCTV in the lobby and inside elevator but no one have release those information yet. Also there are security guards on the ground floor of the building, not just a public residential building anyone can walk in.

YOU, be the judge.

A week later a reporter interviewed victim's family, afterward this reporter was pushed down a long flight of stairs in Lam Tin, he is now hospitalized with a broken rib, shoulder and arm. As pictured just below the video. 21 Jan 2020

Wondering what happened to the lady who yelled "Leo Leo, come see the man here! Leo!" in this video?! She was escorted to the Philippines Consulate General by HK Police, Police accused her of surveillance without consent in Gov Property, deported back to Philippines and never to return to HK. 26 Jan 2020

(Hello?! The last time I check she was supposed to be "The Witness"! Since when someone witness a murder and become a criminal OTHER THAN the criminal who MURDERED???)

Who doesn't want the media to talk about his case? Who want to threaten that reporter from Mad Dog Newspaper?


this is the response from HK Police: At 8:30am, Police received report & arrived at scene, no letter was found and the person confirmed dead. He is not a resident, he walked into the building by himself and take the elevator to 29/F. and no other people walk in or out in the same elevator. He then threw his backpack down, proceed to jump off. No resident report for any noises or argument. The window is about 3 foot wide, 5 foot off the ground, the rest of the windows are fixed, footprint was found next to the window. There is no visible injury on the victim, he was not arrested during any protests. Currently this case was listed as "Suicide", not suspicious, the reason of death would be determined after autopsy. HK Police strongly condemn any rumor accusing HK Police pushed the victim down this 20 story building, HK Police wish the public respect the privacy of the victim and his family, do not accuse without proof.    

Don't get numb yet, the same day 13 Jan 2020. Another "Fallen from Height" happened in Tuen Mun, a young male wearing black clothing was found dead. No news in Hong Kong has covered this yet.


two days later a pair of English Protesters found dead "Fallen From Height" at their hotel, wearing bathing suit, the jacket was added on the male body by HK Police. They left a letter written in English and Chinese stated that they were in despair at the situation in HK, decided to end their lives together, telling other HK Protesters "Don't think about us, we shall meet again when the revolution triumph one day." (Which is a popular slogan among HK Protesters)


Who fly all the way from UK to HK to jump off from a hotel room to kill themselves because of a Pro-Democracy Protest?! While wearing "Hot Pink Color" Bikini?! Com'on!  

Well, HK Police Declares: "Nothing Suspicious, no further investigation required." 


On 10 Jan 2020, late at night civilian heard a loud scream "Help Help!!!" Then a gun shot followed. This incident happened at Fanling near HK Police Training Unit, next day HK Police announced it was a drill they were performing, so resident heard some gun noises, completely normal. Well, civilian who lived closed by had a different story, they mentioned living there for 10 years rarely hear any gun shots, literally two buildings away, and it was not just one gun shot, civilian heard 16 gun shots fired at different pace at the same time. This video only captured one, the one after someone screamed "Help!!!"


Later on 7 Sep 2019, HK Police put a "missing people" notice of a middle-age woman, whom looks like this Auntie M086 mentioned she went missing on 6 Sep 2019. The suspicious thing about this notice was placed near Prince Edward Station not near her home in Tseug Kwan O.


10 days after the missing notice 16 Sep 2019, a body was found near TKO's water, lodged near the edge of the rock. The clothing and glasses seems to matched, able to identified as Ms. Ko Sau Lan (M086); the body was all dehydrated and the Police found a letter at her home about SUICIDE. Police declared "Nothing Suspicious, No Investigation Required." You, be the judge, if this case is "Suspicious" or "Not Suspicious".


Mr Chow Tsz Lok, 22 years old College Student,  die in a car park fallen from 1 story, he lingered for a few days in the ICU and eventually passed away. Many believed he was beaten to unconscious stage then thrown down that 1 story height. Click here to read about the news report from LA Times, 6 Nov 2019


Dr Kumta Shekhar-madhukar told the reporter from Apple Daily Newspaper, he believed Mr. Chow Tsz Lok had lost consciousness before falling, most people suffer broken limp when fallen from height because human's natural instinct is to brace himself when falling. In Chow Tsz Lok's case, he suffered broken hip and brain injury, which is abnormal from the 1 story height he fell from. 12 Nov 2019

You, be the JUDGE! 


17 yrs old Ms Wong found dead Fallen From Height on 17 Nov 2019 in TKO, she was half naked and her jeans were loosely buckled, she had socks on but no shoes. Police declared "Nothing Suspicious, No Investigation Required." I asked myself: "Really?! 17 yrs old Young girl found dead half naked, NOT SUSPICIOUS???" 

Later regional councilors asked residents in the area to provide any information about this case, two witnesses saw HK Police found Ms Wong's shoes across the street, threw them into garbage instead of bagging them for evident-collection-purpose, follow with Autopsy. Listed here was a newspaper recorded she left home saying she is heading to library but never come back home. Police declared she has emotional problem, so she jumped off the building half naked, nothing suspicious! Which teenager does not have emotional problem, may I ask?


It said "Dead Corpse Found" cases increased 10% from June 2019 to Sep 2019, Total numbers of missing population increased to 700 people. Noticed if we found a body like this, covered up without proper identification, this case would be a missing person never founded. 


Some of these images are very disturbing, I am not scared when staring at the photo, I was compelled to tell the story and voice for those who can't speak for themselves. This 28 years old young man was found dead "Fallen From Height" wearing all black outfit, strangely without any shirt underneath his black color jacket. His body appeared to be swollen and a large amount of water gathered around his body on the floor, there was blood serum coming out from his body, does not look like "FRESHLY" fallen from height. You know the model response from HK Police?! "Nothing Suspicious, No Investigation Required." 


You, be the JUDGE!


A Naked Woman's Body found on a building's terrace in Kwai Chung. Police declared: "Nothing Suspicious, No Investigation Required." This case happened in December 2019


She suffered from depression, she is a resident renting from this building and the case is not suspicious, she died from "Fallen From Height". At 7:39am, a naked middle aged woman was found lying on the terrace on lower level. Paramedics and Fire-Fighters arrived at scene, declared the woman's dead. Fire-Fighters used ladder to move the body to ground level, Police takes over for investigation afterward. This building has 19 stories, she was found dead on 4/F, there is NOT MUCH BLOOD found around her, on the wall around or beneath her body. "Not Suspicious", Police Declared.


It is so easy to label someone who once had a little depress, perhaps she had taken anti-depressen before, it was on her medical record. These days living in a big city, who haven't taken a few anti-depressen if you are over 40's? A depress person, or someone who loses her mind may jump to death at a moment she feels terribly despair.

But taking off ALL HER CLOTH before jumping? I seriously doubted. And, that day, WAS THE COLDEST DAY RECORDED IN HONG KONG in 2019.

Mr. Kwok was found dead drowning in Tsuen Wan, he was arrested before by the Police, charged with a crime of setting fire in public place. He was bailed and later got arrested again during protesting; this time there was no bail; we found his dead body, floating in the ocean, with his fist clenched, his eyes were bleeding with bloody water when he was removed from water onto the shore. Could we imagine what kind of torture that he went through?! I could not even possibly imagine, how he suffered injustice, die in tragedy. As usual, HK Police Force declare his death "Not Suspicious, No Investigation Required." happened in Sep 2019.


You, be the judge!