721 Yuen Long Incident, HK Police arranged an attack with the triad (Mob) to the Protesters who are protesting in Yuen Long Train Station, many civilians were also got beaten up badly and the HK Police IGNORED citizens' cried for rescue. (Record shown there were over 1000 calls to 999 (our 911 here in USA) Despite the Police Station is 10 minutes drive away, it took them 39 minutes to arrive at scene. (new investigative journalist from RTHK, new evidence video was uploaded on 12 July 2020, credit: RTHK, English Subtitled)

Credit: The New York Times 

On 21 July 2019, one of the "White Shirt Attacker" to civilians in Yuen Long Station is friend of Hong Kong Police Head PK Tang, now the big picture has come through; why HK Police did not respond to civilians' cry for help for 39 min. This whole thing is a set up to make civilians suffered, just because they want to "look special", despite intentional injury they created for civilians.


721 Incident happened in Yuen Long Train Station, HK Police intentionally co ordinate with HK Triad, to attack civilians, over 1000 calls to 999 but no response, it took Police 39 min to arrive at scene. This clip has English Subtitle, produced by RTHK


831 incident, HK Police used excessive force, tear gas inside Prince Edward Station 31 Aug 2019

Credit: BBC News


Credit: Global News (831 incident)